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The graffiti that started it all.


Discovered in the potTEE of a rough-and-tumble punk bar, this sticker had been scratched away by user, after user, after user.


After each rip, it was evident someone had filled in the very important message that had been tediously peeled away.


The message?


Even having been ripped apart, women will always find a way to reinvent, put themselves back together, and fill in the blanks.


Why and how?  It's simple.


Girls Kick Ass.  Enough said.

Girls Kick Ass: Red, White and You

Size: small
  • This one's for the purists.  100% cotton with an average length - not too long, not too short - and perfectly cut under the arm (so no side boob) with a scoop neck front and a higher at-the-neck cut at the back.

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